Sai Roadmap 2016 – Awakening Divinity Within

Leadership Workshop for SSIO T&T National and Regional Officers

Leaders and officers from all wings, regions, and Sai centres of the SSIO T&T participated in a 1-day visioning session on January 17th at the Sai Nilayam, Longdenville to develop a ‘Sai Roadmap’ of initiatives for 2016. When the event was first held in 2015, participants felt that it was an excellent opportunity to come together to reflect, review, and discuss potential activities and offerings that the Organisation could undertake in the coming year.


After opening prayers and welcome greetings, attendees listened to experiences shared by local delegates who had attended the Sathya Sai 10th World Conference in November 2015. They also received inspiring updates by teams working on ongoing SSIO initiatives, including the Sathya Sai Schools, as well as house-building projects done weekly. A short overview of the SSIO was shared, and the 32 Resolutions coming out of the last World Conference were presented. Participants then joined various breakout groups to discuss the Resolutions, and presented practical recommendations for implementing them locally.


Attendees—both new and seasoned officers—were all grateful for the forum to openly and respectfully share their perspectives and ideas about the Organisation’s mission, and enjoyed the camaraderie and unity among their counterparts. We pray that Bhagawan Baba continues to bless all those who work dedicatedly in His Divine Mission.