National Maha Samadhi Offering Trinidad 2016


A national programme of gratitude on the occasion of the Maha Samadhi of Swami was held in Trinidad, on 24th April 2016 at the Sai Nilayam, National Headquarters of the SSIO Trinidad & Tobago.


It was attended by approximately 250 Sai devotees and started with a procession, taking Swami’s chair into the hall accompanied by chanting of the Sai Gayatree. This was followed by a bhajan session, after which there were messages given by two Young Adults who spoke on the significance of the Maha Samadhi and their experiences with Sai.


A skit was then done by the Bal Vikas children on the theme of “All religions are different pathways to the One God called by many different names”

This was followed by a DVD message by Bhagwan Baba.


Following this, the Young Adults presented a multitude of soul stirring bhajans, during which devotees made offerings of flowers at Swami’s padukas.

The program concluded with Aartee.