Human Values Classes for Children

EHV classes on Saturdays for children of less-fortunate community

Based on the sheer number of children present at a Community Outreach program conducted by the SSIO T&T, a small team of young adults have decided to offer regular Education in Human Values (EHV) classes every other Saturday in St. Augustine for children aged 5-16. So far over 30 children from a low-income community have attended the fortnightly classes, which aim to furnish them with life skills, values, and lots of love and affection.


The classes include energisers, sports, universal prayers, silent sitting, singing, and activities. So far, the children have enjoyed learning about self-confidence; good manners; healthy lifestyle; and friendship, not to mention the delicious and healthy meals lovingly prepared by volunteers. In addition to regular classes, a series of health camps will be offered to the children and their families in the coming weeks.


“Spiritual education provides permanent happiness, lasting prosperity and welfare of the world.”
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba